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Welcome to M.A.D. Bunbury - Your car detailing professionals

MAD Bunbury provides a complete mobile automotive detailing solution for the individual vehicle or for a whole fleet!  The team at MAD Bunbury are Paint Protection and Overspray Removal Specialists.  Some of the other services that they provide include:

  • professional internal and external detailing
  • Paint, fabric, vinyl & leather protection
  • restoring shine
  • sign-writing removal
  • fabric protection
  • odour elimination
  • plus much more!

So if you are looking to bring the sparkle back, get rid of that strange smell, or wanting to get the best price on that vehicle you want to sell, then Give Greg and Cath from Mobile Automotive Detailing a call today!

“What we enjoy the most about our business is not only meeting new people, but we also get great satisfaction in seeing the delighted look on customers faces when we have finished detailing their vehicle.

When we’re not making vehicles sparkle, we love being in the great outdoors, spending quality time with our kids, scuba diving, camping, bike riding, swimming & fishing. We also love to support our local Charity organizations and participate in many different fund raisers.”


BEST OF ALL.........

We Come to You!!


Nathan 0412 972 840

When paint cures, entrapped solvents evaporate from the base layer up through the paint. When this occurs sediment is left in the paint's pores.

All painted surfaces are exposed to a certain amount of sulphuric and nitric acids from the atmosphere. These cling to the paint in the forms of oxides. Toughseal's scientifically developed Pre-Treatment Step 1 enters the pores of the painted surface and effectively removes all foreign impurities.

This now allows Toughseal's Acrylic plus P.T.F.E. Sealant Step 2 to bond chemically to the pores of the paintwork to seal and protect the now highly polished surface. As the treated surface cures, the P.T.F.E molecules elongate, interlocking with each other, resulting in tough bonded protective coating to the paint.

Q.  Can Toughseal harm my paintwork?
A.  No, Toughseal will only enhance the look of your vehicle's painted surface.  It is not in anyway harmful to your vehicle's painted surface.  Toughseal is a protective coating for the surface of your vehicle

Q.  How soon after purchasing a new car should I apply Toughseal?
A.  As soon as possible.  The better the painted surface, the better the results Toughseal will provide.  Your car is a very valuable asset, you want to preserve the value of your motor vehicle.  It is preferable to apply Toughseal as soon as possible after purchasing your vehicle.

Q.  Does Toughseal protect against scrtaches?
A.  No, Toughseal is a thin layer of clearcoat protection.  It will not protect your car from scrtaching.

Q. Does Toughseal fill swirl marks?
A.  Yes, in some cases if sufficient amounts of Toughseal Paint Sealant is used, light swirls are filled.  It is important to note that this can only be judged on a case by case basis, and will not always be the case.  Remember, Toughseal is a preventative product, not a cure for pre exisiting conditions.